Free local delivery within 6 miles of Clitheroe!

Free Local Delivery

We planned to open a bar so we could share delicious drinks in a chilled and welcoming space. 

While we wait until the universe calms down a bit, that dream is on hold (but it definitely is happening!!) Until then, we've turned Corto into an online shop, with FREE LOCAL DELIVERY to the CLITHEROE AREA.

How It Works

"Local Delivery" will come up as an option automatically once you pop your address and post code into the checkout process if you're within our 6 mile radius.

If You Live A Little Bit Further Away

If you're hoping to order something we've got and you're a little further afield, say, in Blackburn or Lancaster, let us know on and let's see if we can work something out :)

How We Deliver

We use a contact free delivery system, leaving your order on the doorstep and waiting for it to be taken inside.

If your order isn't really heavy, and it's within Clitheroe, we'll use our carbon-neutral little legs to walk your delivery to you.

Heavy packages and deliveries outside of Clitheroe will be delivered by car.

Either way, if you fancy a quick chat over the garden gate, give us a shout. It's not the same as coming to the kiosk, but it'll be nice to say hello and see how you're getting on!

Don't Choose Nationwide Shipping!

We had to put an option for nationwide shipping in the UK in order to get some of the site's functionality to work. Unfortunately we cannot fulfil this option, and have labelled it "DO NOT CHOOSE! WE CANNOT DELIVER NATIONWIDE YET!"

If you select nationwide shipping your order will be refunded and cancelled.