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Corto is hosting a virtual tap take over and tasting with Vault City. How 2021!

We’re super excited to have Andy Gibson from Vault City joining us on Friday 19th February for our very first online event! He’ll be taking us through the brewery’s newest beers and answering all of your questions. We can’t wait.

Geek out! Bring your nerdiest questions, pour your beers and enjoy a great evening in with us.

When is it? 19/02/21 from 7.45pm

How can I join in? Get yourself a Vault City x Corto Bag! We’ll include the zoom link so you can get involved asap.

Who can join? Everyone is welcome of course! But we’re only able to deliver to Preston on Thursday, and within 6 miles of Clitheroe on Friday. We can’t do national deliveries at the moment, sorry about that.

The Vault City x Corto Bag

Pre-order a special Vault City bag to join in the sour and fruity fun.

Every bag purchase gets you 4 Vault City beers (Physical beers. You don't drink them virtually) and a pass to the Zoom meet.

In the bag you'll get: 

  • 1x Raspberry & Violet 7.1%
  • 1x Strawberry, Peach & Custard 10.4%
  • 1x  Plum Bakewell 7%
  • 1x OJ IPA 7.2%

Grab your bag now! There’re only a few left!

What’ll happen on the night?

We thought we'd start off our first tasting session with a bang. It had to be sour beer, and we've loved trying all of Vault City's beers from right at the beginning when they were brewing out of a kitchen! Now they've got a shiny new brewery we've been super jazzed to see what they come up with next.

Hosting a sour beer tasting in Clitheroe seems like a super exciting evening to us. Things have changed around here, and while we will always love a delish pint of cask bitter, it’s cool to see beer trends that are big elsewhere in the world start to take hold here in our little valley.

We’ll be letting Andy take the lead on the night, but essentially, without giving too much away, he’ll be leading a tasting of the beers in your Vault City x Corto bag, sharing tasting notes and talking about how each weird and wonderful beer is made.

If you’ve got any burning questions to ask, now’s the time! 

Can’t think of any? Steal some of these: 

  • How do you make beer sour? 
  • Do you make any not-sour beers?
  • Do you use real fruit in your beer?
  • Did you really put custard in a beer?
  • Who comes up with the flavour combo ideas?
  • What yeasts do you guys use?
  • Fruit v hops - who would win in a fight?
  • Are the Irn Bru secret keepers angry that you worked out their recipe?
  • Are there any iron girders in your Irn Bru sour?
  • What’s a “modern” sour?
  • Have you done any mixed or wild ferm experiments?
  • Why is Edinburgh so awesome for beer?

Anyway. Whatever you want to ask Andy, join us! We can't wait!


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